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I know this is about two years late, but I feel it's better to have some explanation instead of leaving everyone in the dark.

Zombles is Cancelled.

Here's why:
I've somewhat grown to hate zombies. It's become such a thing and they're just everywhere and it's getting on my nerves. The only zombie related media I like now is the movie "Zombieland" and the TV and comic book series "The Walking Dead". (And Resident Evil, though it's not totally focused on classic zombies)
Also, I've matured and am not loving this nonsensical storyline. Even before I had decided to cancel the series I was planning to at least rewrite and restart the comic. I may still do that some day.
My dislike of zombies and my disappointment in the plot results in a total lack of motivation to continue this.

I'm sorry to fans of this comic, and I really thank you for sticking with me, rating and commenting on Zombles when it was updating. I really love you guys!

I hope you'll keep an eye on me on my deviantArt for new projects!

Rommie <3

posted by Rommie @ February 6th, 2012, 12:37 pm   0 Comments